1. Behind the House of Choqueira you will find the Cabreira Mountain and right in front of it you will have the majestic National Park Peneda-Gerês with the Caniçada Dam still on the horizon. In between you will see a very small, almost deserted village named Choqueira. The House is named after the village or is it the other way around? We don't know, because the memory of men is more ephemeral than some of his works that cross centuries.
    The only thing we are sure of is that in the heart of the region of Minho the granite walls hide stories related to love and hate between servants and masters, between lords and farmers and even episodes related to the French invasion. A House full of History and stories that was built around a roman atrium. As in ancient times, the house embraces its own interior with an outdoor patio from which bedrooms and living rooms are distributed. However, outside you can feel life pulsing as well, with a small river giving you the perfect background music for your stay, just outside your door.
    The House of Choqueira is the perfect place to spend a few relaxing days away from everything and everyone.