1. Choqueira is the perfect place for you to forget about the problems of your busy daily life. It is ideal for you to relax, to take a deep breath and regain new and positive energies. After all when was the last time you contemplated the stars in the sky? Did you know that here the night is darker and the stars are bigger? Did you know that here the silence is deeper and it is only interrupted by the sound of crickets and the croaking of frogs? Did you know that here the warmth of the midsummer nights caresses your skin? Did you know that here you will feel and hear the smells and sounds of the country life? Did you know that here the food tastes so much better? Did you know? What are you waiting then?... Come and visit us! Here you will bring your five senses back to life again!
    WELCOME to the House of Choqueira!
    Tradition and nature are waiting for you… In tune with your life.